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Customised Filemaker Databases for your Company

Case Study

We have Built customised Databases for Clients to manage and centralise their Clients, Contacts, Suppliers, Projects and for their team to be able to collaborate on Projects more easily without having to sift through emails to track the progress / status of a Project and also to move them away from using huge multi sheet spreadsheets which are often not very easy to navigate. Databases can also be used to quickly create Quotes , Invoices, Job Sheets and also to do HTML mailshots to existing groups of Contacts. We can also create image Libraries and much more Including making Databases Accessible via a Web Browser and also from iPhones and iPads.

Where does FileMaker Pro fit?

FileMaker software is highly customizable and allows solutions to be rapidly created and modified in real-time. Its robust, relational database architecture offers greater scalability and yields higher productivity compared to lower end desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. FileMaker Pro allows you to create databases across multiple platforms including iOS, Windows, Mac and the web.

Read an in-depth ROI analysis (PDF) of the resources saved deploying FileMaker solutions:

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