Mail Server Solutions

Whether you're a one man Band, a team of 10 or 20+ users we'll help make sure you've got the right Mail Server Solution and that you're not Spending more than you need to. If you're a small team its possible to have Full Exchange Services (Global Contacts, Shared Collaborative Diaries syncing between Computers and Smart Phones) without the expense and overhead of putting in your own Server. Equally if your Team is of a certain size and/or you have multiple domains then it can make a lot of sense to bring Mail Services in-house. We can discuss it with you in detail and demo each different approach and recommend the best (and most cost effective) way for your Business.

Some of our Clients are small-ish teams who demand the full functionality of Exchange Server and its over the air syncing of Contacts and Calendars (in some cases integration with Sharepoint and Voice and Video Conferencing etc) but do not necesarily want or need the Overhead and cost of a Server, backing it up and Supporting it etc so we've integrated Cloud Solutions for them which work brilliantly (this can still be a viable for teams of 20 plus in some cases) Other Clients have no interest in Shared Calendars and Contacts and just want Straight forward cheap and reliable Email Services therefore we advise them accordingly which also often ends up in Cloud based Mail Services and avoiding the up-front cost of installing an in-house Server and the overhead that comes with that in terms of maintaining it and backing it up etc.

Theres also ways to combine Cloud based imap Services with Hosted Exchange for Calendars and Contacts which can save you ££££s. Call for details..........

Its all about putting the right solution in for each client and we'll happily give you a free consultation on whats the best solution for you and we'll also do everything we can to keep your costs down.

Call us on 0208 1236223, drop us a line on or you can use the Contact Form and we'll get straight back to you.